Pea Gravel

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Pea gravel is small, rounded stone that is naturally formed by weatherization or erosion. It is produced by washing and screening natural gravel and can come in a variety of natural colors. Unlike crushed rock, which is angular and mined from various quarries around North America, pea gravel is collected in or near bodies of water, where rocks are smoothed and polished over time.

Pea Gravel Benefits

Pea gravel is a versatile aggregates that is commonly used in a wide variety of projects, including:

  • Concrete - As an aggregate in the formation of concrete
  • Walkways - Pea gravel helps suppress weeds and makes for a low-maintenance pathway
  • Driveways - It is cost-saving alternative to asphalt roads in rural areas.
  • Playgrounds - Pea gravel prevents mud from forming around playground equipment and allows accumulated water to drain quickly
  • Pipe Bedding Material - Some contractors like to use pea gravel for plastic sewer line protection, asserting that pea gravel settles less than sand in the pipe trench​.
  • Filter Gravel in Septic Fields
  • Decorative Stone for Landscaping and Decorative Projects
  • Base for Children's Playgrounds - A shock absorbing, sometimes safer and less messy alternative than traditional sand
  • Garden and Weed Management - A maintenance free alternative to mulch compost.

Pea Gravel Uses

  • It's a cheaper and safer alternative than some types of commercial sand (that contains silica)
  • It works as a simple, maintenance free ground cover
  • It is suitable for warm climates because it doesn't require water or nutrients
  • It dries quickly, helping to drain standing water and reduce soil erosion
  • It serves as a versatile and relatively inexpensive decorative element

Size Availability:

  • 3/8” inch
  • 5/8“ inch

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