Quality Construction Materials

We’re ready to deliver a wide-ranging of quality construction materials. Click on a category below to learn more information about each material type and to see what sizes or types we carry.

Close Up Image of Crushed Concrete Rock Construction Aggregate

Crushed Concrete Rock

Produced by recycling demolished concrete. An attractive and cost effective material for temporary roads and much more.

Close Up Image of Decomposed Granite

Decomposed Granite

Similar to gravel, but finer and more stable. Commonly used for jogging paths, trails or as natural mulch.

Close Up Image of Limestone Construction Aggregate


An angular stone with edges supplied from premier quarries throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Commonly used for road paving. Available in a variety of sizes.

Close Up Image of Mulch Compost Construction Aggregate

Mulch Compost

Conserve moisture, enhance fertility and improve soil health,
reduce weed growth, facilitate commercial crop production and gardening.

Close Up Image of Pea Gravel Construction Aggregate

Pea Gravel

A small, rounded stone naturally formed. Used in concrete, walkways, driveways, playgrounds and gardens.

Close Up Image of Rip Rap Construction Aggregate

Rip Rap

Large rocks used to fortify shorelines, creek beds, and bridge abutments. Ideal to prevent erosion.

Close Up Image of road base construction aggregate, appearing as a mixture of small rocks and rock powder

Road Base

Used for driveways, sidewalks, base material, concrete paving, as well as temporary roads. A great way to weatherproof a job-site. Meets Texas Department of Transportation specifications.

Close Up Image of Sand Construction Aggregate


Engineered for use in asphalt concrete, select backfill, and pipe embedment. Cushion and concrete sand available.

Close Up Image of Quality Fill Construction Aggregate

Select Fill

A mix of clay and sand commonly used under concrete foundations and paving and meets the geotechnical engineer’s specification.

Close Up Image of Topsoil, a dark drown dirt


The upper surface layer of soil has the highest concentration of organic matter and microorganisms and is where most of the earth’s biological soil activity occurs.


Keep Your Project On Time and Under Budget!

Aggregates Now is a reliable partner that supplies and delivers quality, cost-efficient construction materials to your job site.

When you call and receive a quote, you’ll know what it will costs to have your materials delivered or hauled off…there are no surprises, delivery issues or frustrations. We stay connected with your project manager or superintendent throughout the project to ensure you walk away with a great material-buying experience.

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